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Welcome To Automation Workforce

Established in 2011, Advanced Automation Services, LLC. is powered by Automation Workforce, a group of highly skilled machine tool electricians, machine builders, pipe fitters, robot/PLC programmers, project managers and automotive  engineers.
We are based in eastern Michigan  and serve automotive, manufacturing  industries on projects of various sizes.
Please give us a call to find out how Automation Workforce can assist your enterprise.

Who Is Automation Workforce

Our Company Mission

To conduct all our business with emphasis on long term mutual success and satisfaction rather than short term gain. To earn trust and respect of all we work with as being a company of honesty, integrity and responsibility. To use our resources, knowledge and experience to create win-win relationships for our clients, suppliers and employees in terms of growing compensation, service and value.

Automation Workforce Concentration

Tooling 90
PLC Programming 30
Controls Engineering 50
Project Management 30

Our Philosophy

We are committed to continuosly improve our mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, suppliers and employees, while maintaining safe manufacturing environment .